Brief Description of the ICET Tokens

The ICET is the token for the IceVolt Clean Energy Services network. It is designed and issued to incentivise the adoption of Clean Energy in Africa.

ICET is issued to IceVolt power contract subscribers and offers a one-time redemption guarantee of their initial reservation fee, when 100% of the awarded ICET token vests.

ICET tokens are issued to subscribers at the start of the contract period and the vesting schedule is dictated by the kilowatts of clean energy being produced and utilized per day by the subscriber. The ICET tokenomics rewards the initial adopters that are crucial to the success of IceVolt.

At maturity ICET will be freely traded and represent Voluntary Clean Energy credits generated through IceVolt operations. Redemption value for ICET is backed by the IceVolt treasury.

An investor buys additional ICET tokens on the exchange, through P2P or OTC transactions because they want to participate in IceVolt operations through loans, and therefore earn a yield for the duration of their lending and funding support.