thermal energy storage

Thermal Energy Storage Solutions

The term “thermal energy storage” refers to the process of heating or cooling a medium in order to use the energy later. This might be as easy as using a water tank for heat storage, where the water is heated while there is a lot of energy available, and the energy is then stored in the water for use when energy is scarce.

In other words, thermal energy storage is a technique for storing thermal energy by heating or cooling a storage material so that the energy can be used later, either for heating and cooling or power generation.

Why Do We Need to Store Thermal Energy?

Many countries’ decarbonization programs prioritize renewable energy and increasing electrification, and with good reason: we urgently need to reduce emissions, and 90 percent of those reductions may be achieved through energy efficiency and electrification based on renewable energy.

Renewable energy, on the other hand, fluctuates, thus as the use of renewable energy grows, so does the demand for energy storage to ensure the availability of clean energy when the wind isn’t blowing or the sun isn’t shining.

In partnership with our local manufacturers, Enchill Nigeria Ltd, we have developed very reliable and energy-friendly solutions.

Our Thermal Energy Storage Solutions

Envac Storez Ice Battery

The Envac Storez Ice Battery is a patented thermal energy storage system (TESS) leveraging on the huge latent heat capacity of water to store cold energy. The system consists of an outdoor ice storage system (Ice battery) and an Indoor air conditioner(s).

This solution allows you to run your air-conditioners on an Inverter without putting a burden on your Inverter batteries. This possible because the indoor unit of the AC runs on water and draws very small power, as low as a regular electric bulb.

Envac Central Water Heater

The Envac Water Heater is a patented Thermal Energy Storage System (TESS) leveraging on the huge latent heat capacity of water to store energy. The System utilizes waste heat of condensation from the Air-conditioner or exhaust heat of fossil fueled generators to heat large quantities of water. With the Envac Central Water Heater, you generate abundant hot water free!

The system consists of a hot water storage system and associated piping.