Welcome to Icevolt. We are a Green energy service company helping residential homes and small businesses to conveniently own reliable power supply through financing. We design, manufacture, install and finance your solution so that you don't have to worry about putting down the entire cost at once. You may choose to spread the payment for a very long time!

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Welcome to IceVolt. We are a Green Energy company helping residential homes and small businesses to conveniently enjoy reliable power supply through financing.
We will design, manufacture, install and finance clean energy solutions that fit your needs so that you don’t have to worry about power outages and air or noise pollution from generators ever again.

Recommendation Engine
To get started, we have developed a recommendation engine that guides you through your selection process. The recommendation engine has two options, the standard solution recommendations and the custom system design engine.

The standard solutions have been designed to match specific requirements and may just fit your needs. Use this recommendation solution if you already know what your total load requirements are. You can select either of the Brass, Silver, Gold, and Platinum plans and if you are unsure of what these solutions contain, not to worry as the load that can be accommodated as well as a sample list of appliances will be displayed with each selection. This allows you to easily check if this fits the appliances you have in your home or business.

When you are unsure, you can use the custom design system option to design and build your own solution. Select each appliance in your home or business from a dropdown menu, input the power rating of each selection and the approximate daily run time in hours, the quantity of the item and voila the system will automatically calculate your total load and design a custom system that can reliably serve you based on the information provided. If you have an appliance not in the listed ones, not to worry, just select “custom appliance” and input the required details, and the engine will include it in the load calculations.

If for any reason you get confused in this process, our customer service representatives are only a call away. They will be happy to provide the help you need.

At the end of your solution selection or design, the total cost of the solution will be presented to you and then it is time to select your financing options. IceVolt offers a range of financing options that makes it easy for you to achieve your clean energy goals. We pay upfront and you pay us back in small installments over a period of 6 months to 36 months. A drop-down menu also makes it easy for you to select how much you can afford as an initial deposit to secure the solution and design you have selected. Your estimated monthly payments will be displayed as you make these selections and changes.

Submit Request
Once you are happy with your product design and comfortable with your finance options selection, you are now ready to submit your request. You will be prompted to enter a few personal details once you hit the submit button. These details will be used to finalize your request and purchase. Endeavor to provide accurate data as the system will automatically verify your input by sending you a one-time code to the communication channel of your choice. If we cannot verify your data, your design and finance options selection will not be saved.

Next Steps
Now that you have submitted your design, the rest is left to us. We will endeavor to get back to you within five business days. During this time, we will run a credit check using our proprietary credit check system. This is an important step to confirm that we can offer you financing. Please note that we do not store your private financial information on our database or website. Once this process is complete, the system automatically deletes the information. The results of your credit check will be shared with you. Once you qualify for financing, one of our energy experts will contact you to book a site visit and provide further details. You will also have the opportunity to ask any questions specific to your site or request further details.

Warranty and Maintenance
Based on the warranty option you selected, we will continue to offer support as you enjoy 24/7 power!

Book a Call
At any point during this process, you may choose to call our customer care number for assistance or schedule for us to call you at your convenience by clicking the Book a Meeting button here.

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